Delay In Next Report

I will be on business travel and there *may* be a delay in generating the report on Friday.   There is an FOMC meeting on Tuesday with announcement on Wednesday and any decision usually results in volatility so I tend to avoid trading during those days anyway but if you’re looking for the report, it may not be here on Friday.

I will try to generate a report tomorrow if possible.

ETF Covered Calls 10-23-2010

It looks like there has been an issue with some of my tables in the ETF-Cashinator report ever since I updated the algorithm and took out the leveraged ETF.  I have now fixed the issue but the report was clearly off the last few weeks.   I’ve double checked the report and all issues appear to be fixed now.   The ETF-Cashinator is showing a return (perhaps we never left) to the commodity plays: USO (oil), UNG (gas), EWZ (brazil), RSX (russia), EWA (australia).   These ETFs are all showing heavy interest and high premiums on calls for November 2010 and the same holds true for December 2010.

Here’s the google link to ETF Covered Calls.

Here’s the google link to ETF Naked Puts.

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