ETF Covered Calls 09-10-2010 Redux

So I followed through on a promise I made weeks, if not months, ago to clear out all the leveraged ETFs out of the ETF-Cashinator report.   The report was becoming useless with all the leveraged ETF  “noise”  so I went through and deleted *most* of the leveraged ETFs.  I did leave a couple of 2x leveraged index ETFs in there because I continue to hold positions in some of them.    After re-running the report without much of the leveraged ETFs I can make a more informed commentary on what is happening with the market.   It looks like there is a great deal of investment & betting in commodities as Metals, Gold, Steel and commodity heavy countries like Brazil and Russia are showing high premiums on ETF covered calls.   I suspect that this is a “fear” move on the part of the investment community so take a look at the new report!

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