ETF Covered Calls 03-05-2010

Nice market rally today but will it hold?    The ETF-Cashinator is showing extreme xolitility with only 14 days till March expiry and it could go either way.   There has been so much relentless negative pessimism that I have started to walk away from the edge of the cliff; following the herd over the cliff is never a good idea BUT anything can happen.    The market may continue to climb through March but the really worrying thing is energy inflation spiking to absurd levels.  Why is oil at $80/barrel again when demand is down?   What does that mean if the economy is starting to take off, oil at $300 per barrel?

Here’s the google link.

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2 Responses to ETF Covered Calls 03-05-2010

  1. prokos says:

    How about NG $30?

  2. Rich says:

    NG is likely never hit $30, there is a huge glut of natural gas worldwide that I doubt it will get above $8 any time soon.

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