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  1. John says:

    I understand how you sold the 2 SSOGO July calls as this is a covered call. But can you also sell the Puts on the same stock? I have been following your website closely but csn you explain this trade a little more, since I am a newbie.
    Are these puts – Sell to close?

  2. RichSlick says:

    Yes, you can sell naked puts on the same stock/etf at the same time as selling covered call.

    To Sell a Naked Put. You look at the PUT OPTIONS on a table. In your brokerage account, you want to select SELL TO OPEN to sell naked puts. (Note: it’s SELL TO OPEN to sell covered call too).

    When you sell a naked put with a particular strike price, you are committing yourself to buying that stock at that strike price IF the stocks falls BELOW (or AT) the strike price.

    When I sold SSOSM (July $65 strike) I committed myself to buying SSO at $65 if SSO fell below $65 on options expiry. This past Friday, SSO closed at $59.37 so I’ll be forced to buy SSO at $65. When selling naked puts, you need to be sure you keep cash reserves in your account to either close out your position or handle an assignment.

  3. RichSlick says:

    In respect to SUCTC, that’s August $55 put so I’ll need to wait till August 16th to find out if I’ll need to buy SSO at $55. If not, I keep the premium money. If so, then I’ll own 200 more SSO at $55.

  4. John says:

    Thank you for explaining. Now I got the trade.

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